How do you define success when your employees and markets determine it with total transparency?

Welcome to NAV360 where success is a conscious system designed to synthesize, shape and deliver your highest value internally & externally across your success ecosystem. We are an alliance and a movement based on trust, credibility, inclusion, relevance & innovation. Attain contagious regard, outstanding growth & a purpose that excites all. 

Read on to discover your best you & collective "we" to adapt & thrive through change. This is your unique & timely opportunity for agility & extended relevance as a system you can trust.

Services, with relevance as our compass

Objectivity: The top asset to assure an open culture


Many businesses inadvertently become closed, internally focused cultures. That scores a failing grade with regard to trust, credibility, talent recruitment, new thinking, work relevance and revenue growth. Our approach catalyzes internal and external relevance at a time when most operate with way too little in active evidence. 

Transform: Learn, do, be recognized & rewarded


Work with us to make training , development, skills application and recognition a more contagiously valued activity. Get past superficial knowledge blasts to embrace your own system of inclusive, tuned and high impact evidence. Check out our conscious solution to elevate HR as a true and vital strategic contributor. 


Shift: To earn and inspire high perfomance teams


Risk aversion has limited leaders from embracing transformation. Factoring in your fears and practical concerns, we create far better solutions. Our fusion of business & market alignment, digital and humanity effectiveness reveals what conscious design affords all as one happy thriving ecosystem on a foundation of trust and relevance. 

Align to today's business & market requirements


Master self, business and market reflection. Get past your own trappings & status quo limitations. Exhilarate your business and your markets about your shared purpose, value, relevance and credibility. Attract and keep high quality talent, by treating your current talent to the enabling culture that attracts all talent with great preference. 

Shape a business model of interdependency

Creating a naturally interdependent internal and external ecosystem.

Success is an inter-connected internal & external ecosystem. NAV360 magnifies opportunity and expands participation. Get beyond silos. Create a market-inspired and internally-responsive culture.  Enable teams as crucial to success today. Shape a brand that excites all to be part of it as a series of savvy, non-typical actions. 

Act on agile, streetwise insights most miss


Shift exposure worries to empathy for what matters versus corporate norms. The value you reveal by paying attention to others enriches your brand, culture and creates the strongest impetus for others to follow your lead. Leadership - not a position or a title - is a shared value compass benefiting your company, markets and you. 

Impact programs - Discovery - Integrated Actions - SucCess

New Economy Leadership

  1. Insight to what matters. 
  2. Compelling strategy.
  3. Knowers Arc - Next Gen Skill Development.
  4. Conscious Leadership.
  5. Conscious Design- vital C-Suite addition.
  6. Ecosystem value maps.
  7. Compelling Purpose. 
  8. Positive Accountability. 
  9. HR as a Strategic Asset.
  10. Learn/Apply New Skills. 
  11. Strategic Open Dialog
  12. BOD Transitional Support
  13. CMO, CXO, CTO, CHRO, CIO Strategic Model Support. 
  14. Mastermind On Tap. 
  15. Customized solutions to unresolved Top 10 needs - innovation, inclusion, diversity, credibility, trust, talent recruitment, more. 

Champion Development

  1. Champion strategies.
  2. Champion training.
  3. Integrated, tuned application, leverage, recognition & reward.
  4. Mastermind access to help apply new, proven, timely methods across related, varied insights. 
  5. Generate impact with an inclusive Idea Continuum.
  6. Individual, team, org. & market ecosystem insight.
  7. 360 Discovery - strategy & next horizon planning. 
  8. Ecosystem Mastery.
  9. Strategic HR model. 
  10. Strengthened Sales & Marketing Foundation.
  11. New impact positions - Chief Ecosystem Value Officer- Chief Conscious Design Officer

Culture that's Electric

  1. Current Culture Review.
  2. Culture Dev. or Repair Strategy - Quick starts, phases, measurable milestones & integrated effectiveness.
  3. Lead and champion cultural effectiveness. 
  4. Shift training & dev. to contagious relevance. 
  5. Diversity as a core strategy to success.
  6. Transferable new skills & effectiveness models: inclusion, value creation, ecosystem strategies, conscious design, sales & marketing effectiveness to create revenue growth.
  7. Experience creation.
  8. Systems Thinking & Conscious Business.
  9. Enable employees to care to make a difference.
  10. Positive support & system accountability.
  11. A purpose that truly earns internal/ external regard.

Talent Recruitment

  • The majority of younger generations prefer entrepreneurial work over large companies. In turn, large & all size companies want to attract talent. 
  • Connect the Yin & Yang of this through NAV360 as your path to develop, enable & recognize your champions to create the best credibility to keep or attract talent. 

Purposes Inspire Regard

  • The majority of new and current talent ask: what do you stand for? What is your purpose? Most companies have weak answers. 
  • The same companies suffer 70-85% of global employee's emotionally disconnected to work - Gallup. Shape a purpose that inspires internal & external regard.  

Revenue Growth Systems

  • We bring solid insight & data on why conventional approaches to revenue growth fail. 
  • We have deep experience with why revenue growth is a system integrating the best of enabled & skilled humanity to build better bridges between internal cultures and external values. 
  • A true success system soon becomes the new business stability system.

Services to Align you to the new economy

We offer overall business/market effectiveness integration, culture booster shots, as well as fresh high impact market and innovation models. Experience transformation as a major "yes" across most needs, stages, values and even previous resistance. We also still do marketing where requested but our goal is to enable already talented marketers to work on a better foundation.

Business Agility - See and secure more opportunities

AI-Infused Market Insight

We know what to look for to gage your opportunities using advanced conscious objectivity. Where needed, we apply a leading AI platform to offer a view you can then master.  We also integrate new technologies when ready & vital to business effectiveness.

Precondition Markets

Invest in your market influencers to earn their trust and your credibility.  Precondition global markets prior to a major product launch, to assure relevance as an advantage. Learn and apply the real power of PR and social engagement beyond those content to make noise.

Create new Programs

Need a new channel, partnership alliance, university alliance partner, new services, solutions, product family or surprise venture? NAV360 is the perfect solution to apply to discover, realize and enable success. Far greater value will attach to people who master value.

Ideation Roadways to Increase Inclusion and Innovation Enablement

We realize the majority of companies largely apply innovation to new product development. Most also fail as innovation is the by product of a healthy culture. We add a wider and more qualified idea generation funnel as connected to process, inclusion, adjacent and transformative innovation. This increases employee buy in while also strengthening your brand and revenue growth considerably.  

Diversity in action is one of today's strongest advantages

Today's diverse workforce is a key advantage when respected, enlightened and enabled. Women, all ethnicities and age groups thrive, when applied as a benefit.

Open dialog to reveal what all share while enrichening ideas with diverse input. Watch your organization fly. Use open dialog examples to test your current methods validity on several levels - fun, productive and contagious. 

Positive Accountability in Purpose, Actions, and in Evidence

Leadership is not a title or position. It is trust, credibility and relevance in action across all employee's. The sum of a businesses parts is the strength of its system of enablement and accountability. NAV360 creates this as a natural reinforcement to what matters. Change outdated notions of accountability as threatening, to apply a new approach that makes it positive reinforcement.