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What's in a name? - Nav360

It's you collectively navigating work & lives that matter.

Your needs & values add life to business where you evolve to define work that also matters to others. That value compass helps an empowered "we" leap beyond the status quo to see, define, apply and earn major regard internally & externally. Create that elusive unprecedented fulfillment most seek in work. The full potential of NAV360 only starts with aligning businesses to what matters. It also becomes your foundation to shape bolder actions anywhere and at any scope of value.

Shift your gait & mindset from a stressful pace to a purpose that fires you up.

We understand why with historic pressures on time & speed and the High percentage of repetition in most work  - why robots seem more suited to do it. We know that adds to greater stress and low emotional attachment to work. 

Shape work that matters. That enables your business to be more valued in a world that quickly sees through and rejects superficial. It's the footprint you shape and leverage in your pursuit to shape a career of value, meaningful experiences and trust. Everyone wins.

It defies the status quo, while earning trust, inclusion and value.

With trust at crisis levels, people and companies that earn it legitimately stand tall.  An overwhelming majority of  people want it and respond to it when earned today. In the mud of risk aversion? Get unstuck to now fly.  

See beyond status quo limitations that stop investments in trust; one example of short termism's negative effect. Markets, influencers, customers & employees exude contagious regard when trust and inclusion are evident. The WEconomy - a force for relevance. 

Create a better "i" to catalyze a better "we" to connect internal & external values

Who you are and evolve to be, personally & collectively, is always a key part of success. Enable others to shape and realize interdependent support and regard for improving how you achieve what matters. Create better answers when you embrace your collective power as NAV360 enables you to do. 

It enables a rare 360 degree view of your market and business ecosystem

Revenue Growth - a leadership priority - is now the primary system outcome of a healthy internal & externally connected ecosystem. Shift ineffective marketing & sales to higher performance levels when trust & relevance are your foundation.  Care to see where you really are as simply your on ramp to enlightenment?

We align you to the values that overwhelmingly define success inside & out.

Our integrated and customizable NAV360 feels more like a soulution as it soon connects people in ways they value, aspire to improve and look forward to expanding... soon contagiously. Enable your greater business humanity as your foundation for success today and tomorrow, that all soon celebrate.

NAV360 - your foundation to Be bolder

In a business world eager to get past its own risk aversion…finally a solution that enables bolder actions, with a foundation for greater confidence and lower risk.

Get beyond the status quo to catalyze, shape and deliver higher impact, inclusion and innovation

Transformation - how you dreamed it - Agile & tuned to the collective need.


When leaders fail to embrace change, we listened to why. Just like "Casual" started on a Friday, NAV360 catalyzes a contagious regard for learning, application, recognition & shared impact as vital to inspired human adoption. Shift from risk aversion and a view of change as chaotic. Adapt to change with an agile market effectiveness model. Achieve trust & relevance that becomes contagious with a rare, outstanding growth model. Share success with those who shape your significance.

We made getting started as satisfying as enjoying awesome daily.


Orchestrate the unique gifts and passion of all leaders and employee's by starting with an "open dialogue" about where you really are and want to be. Integrate learning with actionable needs so mastery follows. Up your employee's desire and capacity to make a difference and get beyond the status quo.

NAV360 - Your ticket to ride.

SmartAI Pants

AI speeds up access to important data that humans shape into strategies.

Gain frequent insight to how your market defines value. Synthesize predictive high impact market undercurrents that 95% miss. Do an initial MOS  (Market Opportunity Scan) or add an AI-infused solution with unique, proven observation skills you soon use to adapt and thrive with deft agility and impact.

High Value Actions and ROI

Innovation is abundant when you scan your ecosystem and its values.

Try our unique Ecosystem Scan or Discovery Session. Channel insights to create an integrated delivery approach to add trust & credibility, as your platform for strategies that have created huge revenues for others, along with internal and market regard. Align  to values markets attribute to leaders. 

Regenerative Success Engine


Give customers a reason to do business with you time and time again without intrusion or being superficial. Keep current and attract new talent because your actions create a purpose all share. Our ability to scan what you have going and add value, is a seamless way to begin your natural progressive transformation to awesome today and for the future