About Headwaters & the NAV360 Alliance

Purpose-fired actualization

More than marketing and innovation, it's humanity fully engaged.

Like the headwaters in nature, we continuously evolve to our greater purpose as a resource rich force to shape value and relevance up and downstream. We are in a time when success is crucially aligned to human enablement across your internal and external ecosystem. Our teams collective efforts catalyze your greater business humanity to connect and shape the life within your business and your markets as one valued and interdependent ecosystem.

We evolved so you can too.

Methods Bill applied for HP and other large companies decades ago and advanced today through alliancing with other world class advisors, are rare and even more vital today. Then - what earned the highest regard of global teams, market influencers and markets and still unprecedented revenue growth - was a pleasant unexpected surprise for conservative leaders. Today, you need to rise above business superficiality, and shape a businesses of shared substance. 

                                                                                        It is your advantage to apply methods still new to 98%+ of the companies out there, yet tuned to the needs of today and sustainable for a better future. Markets have long been ready to reward those committed to meet their value requirements. Catalyze your future as relevant to internal team performance and outstanding market regard. Your choice is simple: Get in flow or be a dam.  

NAV360 offers more sparks to fire you up, which creates sustained relevance.

The simple truth is too many good ideas get crushed by risk-averse impulse. The greater need is to inspire and enable employees that their ideas can indeed matter. Realize a wider net of quality ideas, that earn nurturing, recognition, leverage and rewards. This is a small peek at the business humanity that also shifts from passive compliance to the status quo, to now lions in your midst roaring about work, culture and purposes that matter... to a decided business benefit. 

Discover that next gen type advisory that knows the ecosystem values you can align to and why. Achieve a career that illuminates the characteristics of bolder strategies in action, foresight and integrity.

An alliance to enable market success & internal enablement

Rapid KT Services - Chris Wright, Cale Rogers

Chris Wright is the primary owner of an incredibly human-centric, high value learning delivery solution (RapidKTServices) that enables greater knowledge transfer to skill mastery in a digitally connected world, as well as the owner of Front Range Media, shaping world class digital solutions across video, marketing and social media. He, technology and educational expert Cale Rogers and their team work seamlessly with us to create the first of its kind - human-centric transformation and enablement system as a core part of the NAV360 solution. 

Headwaters Marketing & Innovation - Bill VanEron

Bill Van Eron, Chief Ecosystem Strategist and Conscious Designer, evolved design beyond his NYC roots to join HP to increase their brand relevance by improving core functions, market alignment and internal enablement. An HP fan, he left his top ranked design comfort zone to invest in others across the internal & external ecosystem to inspire and lead HP's 10 strongest growth years. Now connected with others on this journey of inane relevance, will prove to inspire and realize the best collective "we" for all clients we help. 

Focal Point -Leadership Coach Bob Reish

Bob exudes approachability, synthesized & collaborative wisdom. This is vital for earning leadership trust and confidence to surrender outdated methods and align to higher impact ones. As a world class leadership and transformation coach, his instincts & insights offer a natural fit to our Mastery Catalyst team. His trust building approach is a perfect fit for clients struggling with why and how to adapt and thrive today. 

impACT Coach for NAV360 Program FocalPoint Business Coaching of Arizona - Certified Business Coach


Innovation Coach Steve Pearson

Steve brings that deep experience in innovation management with a mindset that everyone can participate, support and enjoy greater entrepreneurial environments. Our system creates a culture enabling higher and more inclusively smart innovation with Steve 's expertise to solidify all applications. We also collaborate on adjacent & transformative innovation.


Innovation Management Coach in Austin, TX.


Strategic HR Coach Ryan McShane

 Ryan and I connected around a shared vision for a far more strategic HR capacity. Ryan's experience in HR and his methods assure a true advantage for clients that need to regain confidence in their internal and external value, trust and relevance. This addresses a major need and offers a more conscious solution than all reviewed to date, though we inspire more to try. 

Founder HRevolution in Pennsylvania

Moving HR to a Strategic Advantage


Growing the Team

We have other world class coaches and talent on tap across value and experience creation, social integrity, ecosystem mapping, transformation, as well as clarity on the innovations that markets and organizations can benefit by. We entertain alliances and encourage others on a path to achieve greatness alone, to also explore it as a success collective. Our work has few limitations as our world has a huge set of needs and opportunities an alliance such as ours is geared uniquely to address. Need a purpose, greater effectiveness, an enabling culture, better insights, agility, inclusion, diversity and more. This is the place you make it happen. Contact us to complete your journey whether as a coach or as a client. 

Our inclusive vision

Objectivity and integrity are gifts to share.

Say goodbye to greed, control and resistance, as everything limiting success has to give way to what's vital. Welcome a new mindset and evolved skills - open dialog, inspired work, enabled diverse teams, internal and external regard. Achieve greater agility, objectivity, culture, innovation, inclusion and revenue growth as outcomes of a healthier interdependent ecosystem. 

The greater good & business connect to fuel trust, relevance & passion.

When is the last time you felt that you and your business make a difference..really? You found your way here because you were inspired to matter. We help revitalize and initially guide that journey as the most natural start you soon care to sustain. Take aim for something special as there is a forest of opportunities to harvest. Get unstuck, as agile transformation is now upon us. 

Conscious Design and Ecosystems offer huge new advantages.

What good is an ecosystem if you can't respect and enjoy it?  Your internal and external ecosystem totally define your success. Yet most are trapped in silos and internal thinking. Get out and explore to experience what really matters as an observer and as a positive adventure of your career lifespan. Get past the barrier reefs that limit success and blaze a value path that inspires all.  

An Alliance Inspired by Conscious response

Leadership needs a better resource to shape and align business to today

If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

Individuals, teams and markets have higher expectations

Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

Success as a system requires a new breed of advisory support

Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.

Engage worldclass advisory

We are thrilled to have added advisors whose work fulfills the promise of mastery on tap, and integrated to the whole of what gets you in flow. The only excess in our services is your success. 

Get past limiters you can't see

The beauty of conscious outside-in objectivity as we apply it, are best captured by the smiles in clients faces as enlightenment beckons. If we can't synthesize actions that matter, that would be a first. 

Most of what enables you or limits you is human

Leaders that try to isolate a problem and fix it are just seeing their top 10 priority lists just get longer. Our approaches see the connections and bring them to life and greater meaning, and purpose.